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The Inspection Report

Every home inspection company is different in how they report. Home inspectors in the past used paper checklists and carbon copy sheets. Today most inspectors use some kind of software or template program that helps them send electronic reports. The type of software an inspector uses does not determine the quality of the inspection, but it could assist in the usability of the report.

To me here are the most important factors to consider when thinking of an inspection report (as the client receiving the report)

  1. Easy to read and understand. How a report is laid out is critical in making sure you see what needs to be seen. Highlighting defects is important. An inspection report contains a lot of important information, but you do not want to miss critical information. That is why my reports show at the top how many defects and how they are categorized. Start with the defects then read on and see what other information is available.

  2. No scary language. I report the truth, but do not opine on the defects beyond my role. The purpose of a home inspection is to simply report what is there, not give an opinion on what the inspector thinks of the house. In my report I state the defect, what the implication of the defect is, and my recommendation. My recommendation is always the same. I recommend a qualified contractor to repair and/or evaluate. Remember, you don't have to take my recommendation. If the defect is a faulty switch you may be capable of fixing it yourself or you bring in a handy man to fix some of the smaller issues. That is your decision to make. Some states (like NC) have strict guidelines for this language and I follow those guidelines.

  3. Plenty of pictures. It's important to show the different parts of the house. One, this shows I inspected it and two it allows you to refer the picture to figure out where the defect was. In describing the defect I do my best to add the location of the defect so you can find it too.

My goal is to simply and effectively communicate defects in the home you are wanting to purchase or sell. I want to convey it in such a way that is not to evoke fear or panic, but reality. I want to equip you to make the right decision regarding your home. I am always available after the inspection to talk through the findings.

Check out this sample report to see what it looks like and feel free to call me today! Click here to get started!

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