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Do Home Inspectors Kill Real Estate Deals?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Sometimes there is a love/hate relationship between real estate agents and home inspectors. The agent drives their clients around for weeks looking for the perfect fit and find it! Then the real hard work begins. They put in an offer and negotiate a final purchase price. Then comes the due diligence. In the past 2 years the market has been on fire so sometimes due diligence period has been very short.

It has been tempting to skip the inspection and some have. However, when you skip on an inspection you are choosing to be blind to the issues that may be lurking. Good agents know this and that is why choosing the right home inspector is critical at this point. Getting an inspector who is knowledgeable about construction and how the home works and can also communicate in a relatable way is key.

Good agents also know that the inspector isn't causing the issues, they are only revealing what has been there all along. Unfortunately, some agents don't want those issues found so that the deal can go through.

So to answer the question, do home inspectors kill deals? Yes and no. By revealing issues that exist in the home the home inspector is doing exactly what you paid them to do. That does not kill the deal. However, how the report is written and how issues are communicated can kill a deal that otherwise could move forward. So when choosing your home inspector request a sample copy of the report so you can see how the information will be presented. If you are an agent and you need a partner that can find the issues and communicate well with your clients you are in the right place. Call Jon today at 762-525-0263 to get your next inspection scheduled with a 3 business day guarantee.

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