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Can You Fail a Home Inspection?

Can you fail a home inspection? Yes and No. Did that clear it up for you?

So in a literal sense you can not fail a home inspection. The report you get from us after we inspect a home does not come with a pass or fail. It comes with a report on the condition of the home and its systems along with recommendations.

Those recommendations do not attempt to design a fix or repair. They only guide you in the right direction to get those fixed. This is due to regulations and the overall responsibilities of a home inspector.

We are not code inspectors. If you build a new home the county usually has an inspector that must come out and inspect the different phases of the build. They are inspecting the compliance to the IRC (International Building Code) and the local building codes. Those are pass/fail.

As a home inspector we are not code inspectors. Understanding the codes and keeping up with the changing code helps us with the inspection, but that is not our role. So in that sense you can not fail a home inspection.

However, depending on what is found in the report you may run into issues if you are buying a home. For example, if there is no wiring in a home or a giant hole in the roof that we find in the inspection, a bank may not finance it in that condition. So while you won't fail the inspection it could have an impact on other aspects of the process if you are buying a home.

If you have questions about your report or a house you want inspected feel free to email us at or call us at 762-525-0263.

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